Squadron is back?

I got a email from Squadron mail order. seems thier back ! new company new owner even a new state ( Gorgia ) New owners name is Chris Decker .


I placed an order for a 1/35 Tamiya JS-2. They said free shipping on orders over $39.95. :+1:

I got that email as well.
I checked out their site and it looks like they are still building up stock levels for kits, but stuff like paint looks really well stocked. In the email they said that they will not list anything that is out of stock. It will get pulled from the site until it gets back in stock it appears. And they will have an email notification system for out of stock items so a person can be notified once its back in stock.
One thing I will be watching for sure is their prices on kits. A friend checked three websites for the price on a particular kit… the price difference was pretty big, with Squadron being the most expensive. I hope this was just for this one kit, because the first thing that popped into my mind was a steeper price to offset their free shipping. Time will tell on that.
The overall look of the website was nice though. I think it is pretty much the same as Sprue Bros.

Yes for me,with popular dependable sites,price is always the deciding factor,and of course availability

Just received email informing me that my Squadron order, Tamiya 1/35 JS-2, has shipped for free today. :+1: