Squashed pictures

I have noticed images posted being squashed, many display correctly, but some just look cartoonish. I’m wondering why?

If you could provide some examples it would be easier to check… It has not happened to me, nor I have noticed it -although I do not read all posts.

Hasn’t happened here. Possibly… if this is occurring on your computer, maybe check aspect ratio in the preferences app. I’m on a Mac BTW.


This is an example, other pictures in this thread are ok.

This is on my phone btw.

Daft question: if you rotate the phone and look at it landscape does the image display correctly? I ask as this is I believe ‘fit on screen’ issue.

Not sure if its any help but I just checked that exact same thread and post and image on my phone which as I use as access for this site 60% of the time and the images are all normal size on it. Is it a settings issue within your phone ?

The first photo is from this thread:

and it shows correctly on my computer. It may be a problem of your mobile browser or site rendering for mobiles. Maybe others can check?

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You are correct sir! I rotated my phone and the images displayed correctly.