SR-71A Blackbird-Italeri-Testors 1/72

The kit arrived today. I have it cleaned up and ready to start.


favourite aircraft of all time :two_hearts:

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A slow start. The cockpit is painted and closed up in the nose and fuselage halves. I removed the front nose with the molded on pitot tube, that would be the first thing to break off, I’ll save that for last.


i have never seen one built before so this should be interesting, what was tge drone used for?

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It wasn’t used on the SR-71 at all. The only plane that carried it in the Blackbird family was the M-21 a converted CIA A-12 of which there were only 2. One was destroyed trying to launch a drone, the drone and plane collided and both were destroyed. The Drone had a camera pack and was a “spy drone” but never worked very good and was discontinued. A few were later launched from B-52s but were not successful at all. All the model kits showing drones on SR-71 Blackbirds are fictional as the SR-71 could NOT carry them or launch them.

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An M-21 with drone, NOT an SR-71 Blackbird. Only 2 ever made.


Looking good so far. I need to paint and add the seats, camera windows in the bottom fuselage then dip the canopies in future and add them.

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I like the idea of an M-21. I have an old 1/72 Hasegawa kit with a drone, maybe I’ll try filing the chines on the cockpit-nose area to make it look more pointy. A slight conversion to an M-21. After all I do have a can of titanium silver paint.