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Very (VERY) Nice.
Weathering most impressive.

Wow. Fantastic job! I have this kit in my stash as well. I had a short shot on the driver’s instrument panel, but nothing serious. I will look into the photo-etch set for the interior. I don’t look forward to the hose work though!

Excellent job on the whole thing !

Very nice, I like it a lot. Will it go on a vignette?

I think there were some resin figures (Warriors or Kirin?) which depicted Iraqi SCUD crew… those would be a great addition.


I have the set Kirin made, but I’m not sure if they are Russian or Iraqi. Haven’t looked at them in a long time but I’ll check when I get home from work later

Oh I would be really interested in those! I’m planing to make a vigniette for this colossus.

Trumpeter makes a set of Russian scud crew, kit #434 I think, not sure of any other brands.

You’re looking for an Iraqi crew right ? I have no reference on them, I wonder if they would be wearing something similar to a tanker overall?

An old set from 1990, hard to find nowadays:

But there are some other options… Paracel Miniatures:

Or perhaps Verlinden:


I never seen those in any shop or market during festiwals in Poland.
Also Verlinden is very hard to find. Maybe Paracel set will be less rare option. Supply them and have a really good service to Europe at this time, I have used them a few times. You can also order direct and his service is good as well.

Damn nice work! The weathering flows evenly, yet very distinguishable in revealing details.

BNA model world is excellent

Hi Lukasz,
The result is impressive, the model itself is.
I love the modulation of colors you’ve got, and the rear wiring is great.
Without a doubt, the vignette will be the icing on the cake.
Cheers and TC
Francis. :+1:

Thanks for Your positive feedback. I am still increasing my skills so I’m glad that I was able to make this old kit look as it was not model produced 30 years ago.