SS Model 3D printed kits question

Has anyone seen these or have any experience with them? I just ran across the M41 Howitzer on eBay.

They have lots of other pieces too.

1/35 ssmodel for sale | eBay.

I have only had dealings with their 1/72 scale stuff, overall they are well printed can suffer from some warping that is not possible to repair they will however replace parts, the only real problems with them is that they are based on WOT renders so can contain a few errors in them, most people seem happy with what they get though

I have several of their 1/35 kits of some of their more esoteric subjects (BTSV, IJA Type 91, Somua SP guns).

Their print quality is quite good. I have had some problems with breakage during shipping which I am still working to get replaced. Haven’t seen any warping yet.

You will get a big slab of printed resin, with the suspension and tracks as a single piece, if not already attached to the hull. There will also be a handful of loose pieces that needs to be attached, but in general 20 parts or less. The printing “trees” break off easy and clean up nicely. Print striations appear minimal and should disappear with priming/painting.

As already stated, some of the design is a little “iffy”, but since I am going after mainly “paper panzers” I am willing to be a bit forgiving.

The one open-top kit I have looks like it is going to be a challenge to clean up the interior trees and the interior itself appears somewhat simplified. Also going to be interesting to detail and paint, as it is already built up.

For the M41, you will probably received a decent kit that “looks like” an M41 and will display nicely if you are willing to put a little work into detailing.

I encourage everyone to purchase the M41, because then AFV Club/Bronco will finally release theirs. C’mon people, take one for the team!

Gino, I picked one SSModel, the T1E1, to check them out. The kit arrived fairly quickly. In spite of being well packed, it had some breakage. The resin is very brittle. The design was simplified and had several accuracy issues. The printing was decent - print lines fairly minimal. The tracks just didn’t look right, and it took me a minute to figure out why. The track links were all sharp 90 degree angles. Every edge on every link would need to be sanded to take off those sharp edges.

I’ve looked at a couple of their Korea/Cold War SP’s, the M37 and the M41. I may have to break down and pick them up just in case they can be built up into some that is accurate enough and detailed enough.

Thanks guys. Based on what everyone is saying, I’ll pass. They don’t sound accurate and refined enough for me.