SSN-593 On Eternal Patrol

There is not much to say about this one. Its going to be the Mikromir kit.


Looking forward to following your USS Tresher build.

This may be of interest Brick Immortar - Crush Depth, the Nightmarish Loss of USS Tresher

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Hull is glued together. There will be some putty needed.


I like it. My stepfather was on the SSN 613 Flasher. Same boat - Permit class. (Originally the Thresher class, but who wants to be on a boat named for the one that went down?)
I may have to get one.

The second photo is my own, and I do not autorize certain moderators to use it elsewhere or otherwise fool with it.


Not a lot going on with this project recently. Filling and curing and sanding over and over again. Since the putty had a tendency to cave in, im letting it cure for days now.


Trying to keep the geometry right is a challenge. Atleast the fuselage is done.


Good start on this one. Just for clarification, it’s called a hull, not fuselage. :wink: But you knew that.

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Does it come with numbers for the other boats?

Honestly I might have to use AM decals. Not realy convinced by the quality.

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It has been a while since the last update, but the Thresher project is nearing an end. The kit wasnt bad, but I would preffer a plastic prop, since there is no way how to bend the PE prop without breaking it.


I like it. Do the supply decals for others in the class such as the Flasher?

Thresher, Permit, Barb, Pollack, Haddo, Tinosa, Dace and Guardfish, but I guess You can combine the numbers to do others aswell.

Not sure if this is something you would be interested in but there are some very nice 3D printed props available on ebay.

1/350 Permit/Thresher class SSN submarine 2 x 7-blade propeller set Mikro Mir | eBay