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New SSR Models 1/35 Leopard Wind Sensors for Canadian C1, Australian AS1 and Belgian AVLS & 1A5 BE Leopards.

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Where can I purchase some of these?
cheers Rod

Best option is to PM SSR Models on Facebook but you can also email at

O, wow, I was going to CAD a wind sensor for M60A3, and this gives me hope that it can work in 3D prints!

The CAD part is easy but finding someone to print it successfully is a challenge. I’ve donated a few dollars to Shapeways only to receive a blob with some details. SSR Models must have a very good printer. They just finished this for the M60A3. Two in a set for €3.99

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Shapeways print quality is generally terrible I hear, and their prices are plain ridiculous. I am going to try with my printer, which has handled fine details pretty well so far:

I think my printer may be just as good as SSR’s, and my M60A3 wind sensors will be lower price than theirs for the US buyers. Challenge accepted.

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Agree. Shapeways is no longer an option for me, too expensive and not enough quality… Developers there should consider switching to their own printers, now that they are quite affordable. Or selling the designs.

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Looks like a Prick 77. Do you do the vehicle mount too?

Anything is possible with CAD. PM me if you’re a serious buyer. I don’t want to hijack this thread about SSR’s wind sensors anymore.