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SSR Models is a one-man-band company from Sweden producing 3D printed weapon sets and various accessories in 1/35 scale. Recently the company released a Javelin and NLAW sets, which sell like hotcakes.

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I bought their Javelin set. It looks really nice. Shipping was quick as well. A great company to deal with.

“Selling like hotcakes” LOL! Yeah, my Javelins and NLAWs have been very popular, too. SSR Models’ offerings look good. I hope he does well.

Same here…bought their 1/35 Javelins and Stinger missiles, but I didn’t know about their NLAW.

Service was excellent and they packaged the kits well.

SSR also sells SCAR-Hs too, but I didn’t buy any since I already have some.

Just placed an order for some of their sets (modelling set, fast food, Mauser C96,etc.).
Looking forward to receiving them soon. Very impressive stuff indeed :star_struck:!

just had a little leak!