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Set of Swedish soldiers in m/59 uniform

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Too early for NATO :wink:


What time period would these figures be from? They look interesting.

m/59 m is short for model, 59 means 1959.
The m/59 was approved/standardised 1959 so no usage before 1959.
It took some years for it to get out to all units and depots.
Say mid 1960’ies.
The next uniform was the m/90 so the m/59 started disappearing by then.

I am a bit curious about the rolled up blankets on the webbing.
I didn’t see anyone equipped like that when I wore those clothes 1985 - 1986.
All that type of stuff was with the backpacks.

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I kinda figured that but one never knows.

Is this the Swedish M59 backpack you speak of?

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Looks familiar, it was almost 40 years ago

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Will look good next to a Strv 103 or Pbv 301? The Ak4(G3) will give a limitation to the usage? Do they wear winter camo suits? What do they discuss about? Smörrebröd?

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Anyway, they have Swedish modern soldiers in various scales and poses…3-D printed…modern enough for NATO, I hope, in M90 uniform.


Strv 103, PBV 301 or 302 can be used.
Also the Swedish Centurion variants.
The Ak 4 was in use until we switched to Ak 5 (starting from 1986 for the first units)

Winter camo: We had white covers, think thin rain coats and trousers, to pull over the uniform.

Swedish text with some photos. There was also a cover for the backpack.

Smörrebröd is Danish
we say smörgås (Swedish å is pronounced like the German ‘o’, in some cases we also pronounce the Swedish o as å, mostly our o is the German u, our u resembles the German ü, many Swedes try to pronounce the German ü as y)

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This is the woolly winter uniform, the m/58

The summer (i.e. non-winter) uniform