Just about to finish my Bronco Staghound with the US 37mm gun. Don’t know if these were painted US olive drab or British Bronze Green. Your thoughts?

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Welcome Art!

They would have been US OD. They were all US built and the Brit’s were not in the habit of repainting anything.

The Brit’s came up with SSC 15 as an approximation of US OD to facilitate things like repairs and for their own stocks of vehicles to be painted something close to what was being supplied through Lend-Lease, but they weren’t the same colour.

UK Deep Bronze Green was only found on some very early war vehicles and then post war.

(Almost) everything you want to know about British paint

I concur with Canmedic. US olive drab.

I’m about 90% done with my Bronco Staghound as well. One thing that I found was the Bronco metal 37mm barrel is too narrow in diameter. Maybe consider swapping in a replacement?

Right on…US OD it is. Thanks so much for the shared knowledge!


Make sure you post some pictures!

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Welcome aboard and as Don said post photos for the build.