Stalingrad 1942 Hiding behind the Enemy | Armorama™

Today we travel east to Stalingrad from the modeller, and friend Paolo Modellismo and his stunning diorama "Hiding behind the Enemy" A mortar team finds cover behind a T34/76 in Stalingrad 1942. Some really great work on the groundwork itself which you will be able to see at the end of the pictures along with some other building process pictures

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Very well researched and very well done !:clap:
Reference picture outstanding!

I like the ground work for shell hile/bomb crater. I think it’s so well done the crater could have been used in a sci-fi diorama as well.

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All these photo updates and model pics are great.
However, is there a way to post the photos so we can click on them to zoom in? Just like is doen with regular forum topics?

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Very well done!


Nice use of what appears to be a modified set of Tamiya figures.


Usint Tamiya fair play to the creator!,personaly ive chose ICM’s mortar+crew from Ukraine to make this same Dio.I dont enjoy working with Tamiya figures anymore.

Welcome to the forum, @Ickie !

The old Tamiya figures often need lots of “help”, definitely agree.

The newly released Tamiya figures from 2020+ like in the Panzer IV G look pretty good out of the box.