Stalingrad Assault Team up to 8 figures

They don’t look like much now; however, this is the start of my 1/25th scale Assault team. They are all part of a mini, diorama that I previously mentioned. I decided to incorporate all the figures in one thread.
Currently the team consists of:
1). The Senior NCO throwing the grenade.
2). The MG team, gunner and Assistant #1
3). The Asst MG #2.
4) The soldier getting hit.
5) An Infantry Officer


Equipment cups


Here is a new figure, he is going to be carrying the Flammenwerfer 41. As well as a small update on the senior NCO.



Humble beginnings
It’s not gonna be 100 percent accurate, due to how the real M41 was constructed, but that’s okay


In another post, the conversation was on scratch building, all I can now add is, “thank the heavens for spare parts”



It beats the heck out of me why I am spending so much effort on one piece…


Scratch work looks great so far!

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So, I took a little break from the actual assault team and started finishing some background debris. In this case, a “generator”, Please remember that this is NOT an attempt to replicate anything it is simple background “noise” for the diorama…


That’s really nice work! :hammer_and_wrench:


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Thanks Mike

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First round of weathering


Well done I really like it, Good work on the weathering.

Great idea & progress Whitney – must keep reminding myself this is 1:25 scale, excuse my ignorance but which manufacturer?

Got me thinking – I did a large Stalingrad factory dio way back (accidentally thrown out by removalists when we moved house…suing them wasn’t realistic) but I remember enough research to realise I didn’t see any photo-refs (we’re talking 1997) of flamethrowers in use by either side. Which is strange, I’m sure you’re right to depict one because it must surely have been a weapon-of-choice in close-quarter fighting.

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Great question about the flammenwefer 39 and or 41. There are a few pic’s on the web that say they are based in Stalingrad, for what that’s worth, You probably remember that I kicked up a storm mostly because I am a true “research hound”. I really like to find the facts. Too that end, my latest Stalingrad book is Island of Fire. Mostly dealing with the 305th Division and the attached Engineer Battalions. Throughout the book there are references to Flammenwefers, I don’t recall a specific model or version, but since these battalions were considered “elite” stands to reason they would have Model 41’s so that’s what I chose.
Additionally, you are very correct, I seriously do not recall a written/historical Russian reference to flamethrower use at Stalingrad. Did the Soviets use them, probably, but I haven’t come across the written verification.
As for the manufacturer, everything in 1/25 I have to scratch build, or in the case of the “base” for the figures, they come from Tamiya. Is it a labor of love, yes and no, but as Steve McQueen said in the movie Sand Pebbles, “that’s my rice ball”. Boy that’s not PC is it?? LOL.
Sorry about the movers, I had to deal with theft last time I moved, I vowed to NEVER use a company that wasn’t bonded ever again.
here is a couple of those photos


There you go, solid gold evidence in that 1st photo. I guess the reason it wasn’t too popular was the obvious ease of identifying its source, and presenting a larger target that would ruin your day if hit. No doubt for the same reason both sides preferred to mount them in tanks.
Of course sorry I clean forgot you’re scratch-building the figures duh! More coffee required. The “generator” is an absolute peach, looks 1:1 scale :+1: :+1:

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It’s either more coffee or less coffee I can never figure that one out…
As for the flamethrowers, there is that nasty story, that if/when either side captured a flamethrower crew, they would immediately execute them by turning the flamethrower on the captured team. Now I haven’t read every book, or translated every report, BUT I think this story is BULL, but who knows, we weren’t there…
Anyway, many thanks for a great start to my day, I always enjoy discussing our builds.
Bye the bye, I tried a Coffee ice cream and MAN I AM HOOKED

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Re flamethrower teams high-risk factor, even the Red Army Punishment battalions weren’t so equipped (as far as I know), that says a lot.

Ah yes coffee ice creams, mine have a statin on top instead of a hazelnut :grimacing:

I went with Hagen Daz Coffee chip YUMMY.
If you haven’t yet, check out the Russian Penal battalions on Amazon video, pretty good mini series.