Stalingrad Assault Team up to 8 figures

They don’t look like much now; however, this is the start of my 1/25th scale Assault team. They are all part of a mini, diorama that I previously mentioned. I decided to incorporate all the figures in one thread.
Currently the team consists of:
1). The Senior NCO throwing the grenade.
2). The MG team, gunner and Assistant #1
3). The Asst MG #2.
4) The soldier getting hit.
5) An Infantry Officer


Equipment cups

Here is a new figure, he is going to be carrying the Flammenwerfer 41. As well as a small update on the senior NCO.


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Humble beginnings
It’s not gonna be 100 percent accurate, due to how the real M41 was constructed, but that’s okay

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In another post, the conversation was on scratch building, all I can now add is, “thank the heavens for spare parts”