Stalingrad Diorama 1:35

Hello again!
I have started working on another diorama, because, well, painting figures requires (for me) that I make a diorama out of them eventually. but, before I go off in a certain direction, I was wondering-
should I add more foilage, or should I just have dirt?
(my personal opinion is foilage)
I’ll let you guys answer that.

(sorry for the photo quality.)


If it is outside the city, I would put some grass and maybe some small bushes. If inside the city (in an open area) I would add a tree, broken off like the power pole. Just my opinion.

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Looks good!
If you need some static grass feel free to DM me.

Thank you for that! it’s going to be outside the city, and I have started adding those details already.
@Panzer_modeler -
I’ve got some of my own, but if I need it I will.

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sorry, it has been a while since I last updated/posted. 22 days!
well, here is the mostly finished product. i added some rubble, a brick wall, foilage, Etc.
instead of just a knocked out sonderkraftfahrzueg 251, it is now a little barricade. seeing that the Germans were not doing so great in stalingrad later in time, I decided to go with a more desparate look.

i may have messed the entire upload up :slight_smile:

yes, I did.