This is a diorama I did pre COVID

The building is made from foam board and plaster of Paris

The KV-1 is from trumpeter and the figures are from tamiya and some resin ones


Now there’s a different angle of attack. Nice action scene!

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Nicely done. I have that Tamiya figure set and like it quite a bit. Whose resin figures did you use to complement them?

Really nice, great to see a different display at this angle.
Only thing I notice: the street is clean in front of the tank track, as if you moved the tank back up the slope a bit.

I agree with that… Otherwise it is a great diorama!

Yes, what an angle to set a dio at- really gets the attention right away. Great brick work too- can’t have been easy doing so many but the work sure paid off as they look very realistic and there is a great contrast between the red bricks and the green tank. The figures are nicely done too, plenty of movement conveyed in their poses and positioning.

Saw it first now and I really like the amazing brickwork.
The whole diorama is incredibly nice