Stalwart Mk2 HMLC

Hi guys,
I have here Accurate Armours ‘Stolly’. It is all resin and for those that have a bit of time on their hands I will put the build blog on at the end. Anyway here’s the photos😀










Build here,

Hope you like what you see,



Great fun bits of kit but a handful to drive. Was sad seeing them all get withdrawn while we were in BAOR. Looks nice a very nice build.

Good old Stolly; nice kit - never have enough black and green on this site!

good to see an old faithful here on this site, it’s such an under rated vehicle.

Then standby for a Stillbrew Chieftain inbound …C/S 31 or 22 :grin:

Ah, now that is not uninteresting - as I have the venerable Castoff Conversion for such a beast, but needless to say, have dithered John and God knows when it’ll see the light of day; in any case, looking forward to it all!

Hi Ivan,

Great build of a great looking vehicle, nice work, thanks for sharing :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Always looked so futuristic, still do, and they sort of always reminded me a bit of the Mobiles from Gerry Anderson’s UFO series.

I had a tiny Matchbox/Lesney one as a kid, I think it was white and in BP livery, loved it. Wish they’d do a 1/35th injection plastic one, I’d buy it…maybe Gecko might surprise us, :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


How about sand and green?:grinning:

Thank you all for your comments.

Sand & Green - BATUS? OPFOR? Bring it all on!

Hello Jack,

nice build! Nice model!

I must confess! I have the Accurate Armour Stalwart Mk-1 HMLC, the Mk-2 und the Stalwart RA Limber and the UBRE, planned to go to the MK-2, in my stash. Your really nice model inspired me!

BUT, I still have the ASUKA M4A1 76-MM WET on be workbench, and for the next model I have the AFV Club M54A2 with Perfect Scale TBU with the M105 with 600 gal tank. The AFV Club will be rebuild as am M813A1, 5-TON, Truck.

In 1989 I had build my first AA model. The M114A2 with the M138 20 Mike-Mike. Since then I have build at least 40 AA models!

Again, a nice model.


Hauke “Hank”

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Hello Hank

Im also hoping to build the M813 but as Im using the Real Model cab, I was told to use the Italeri M923/5 kit as a donor. The RM cab is narrower than it should be and wont fit the AFV frame.

If youre going another route please let me know, as I need all the advise I can get.


Good to see someone tackling a Stolly … rarely seen in model form.
I thought you might be interested to see my take on the subject, this time in 1/76 scale.
This is one of the Stalwart Reef Rescue vehicles, based on the island of Gan in the Maldives.
The island was home to the Far Eastern Air Force (RAF) from 1957 to 1976, serving as a staging
post for British servicemen and their families travelling back and forth between the UK and Singapore
and Hong Kong. The runway stretched almost the entire length of the island. If an aircraft undershot
or overshot, there was a risk of it ending up in the water … hence, the need for an amphibious rescue vehicle. The first (00AG79, as pictured here) arrived in 1967, the second (09AH16) four years later.



Very nice little Dio there… Stollie looks well detailed as well.:+1:

Thanks Paul,
I remember staging at Gan flying crab air in a Britannia on the way to Singapore👍Via Cyprus and Missarah.(36 hrs)

Thanks all for your comments👍

Jacko & Johnny,

Apologies for hijacking the thread, but I thought my offering would be of interest to you.
My model was from a 1/76-scale white-metal kit (originally from the BW Models list),
produced by Paul Metcalfe’s Mid Devon Models. The kit itself is fairly basic, with a few
noticeable omissions, but I was able to rectify these with some careful scratch-building,
and using widely available references on the Stalwart.


No problem mate, some nice work there.