Stanislaw Sosabowski scratch build bust 1/10

Stanislaw Sosabowski (8 May 1892-25 September 1967) was a Major-General in the Polish Army during World War II, notably commanding the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade during Operation Market Garden. Sosabowski’s brigade suffered 40% losses during the operation, and he was removed from command after he was said to have criticized Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.

I scratch build the bust some time ago reference to the real man, not the actor in the film
the head is in apoxysculpt and green stuff the body I have used polymere clay.

He stands by the other bust I have made for Market garden.

DSCN2337 DSCN2337-detail DSCN2338 DSCN2338-2 DSCN2339 DSCN2340 DSCN2341 DSCN2342 DSCN2343 DSCN2344 DSCN2344-2 DSCN23451 DSCN2349

Hope you like it a bit.


Most impressive! :clap::raised_hands:
Amazing scratch build!

Outstanding job on an outstanding officer- I take my hat off!


Jan that is outstanding! Great sculpt and paint job! He’s a very interesting subject to say the least as well- Airborne!!

Really like this bust Jan- I think you have captured his likeness very well. The insignia and medal ribbons and awards on his uniform are particularly well captured and painted. The highlight for me is the medal on the base- a miniature work of art all on its own to complement the bust.

Excellent sculpting