Star Wars cantina, Sideshow Toys style 1:12 scale

Hi All,

This dio/display was done for a client, he wanted to have a cantina like the Sideshow on but in 6" so here it is.

The structure was done using foam core and then covered in spakfilla, I then used plasti card and electric cable to do the pipes.

The chairs are made using plasti card and the table is a piece of plumbers pipe cut to size and a fake candle light for the light and then more plasti card was used to make the pattern.

The equipment/machines on the back end are made using plasti card and a 9 volt battery was used to power the interior lights on the walls.

The whole dio/display was painted and weathered using Vallejo paints and pastel chalks.



But who shot first?

Looks good Ron.

Han shot first! ignore the revisionist editing.

nice diorama mate!

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But Greedo wore heels!


Hi All,

@Tank_1812, Cheers buddy and I still think Solo shot first.

@Klaus-Adler Thanks mate and yep totally agree with on that one.

@Stikpusher damn Greedo was a girl I never knew that and that is a great pic mate thanks for sharing it.