Star Wars, hover tank commander with partial cupola - 1:12

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Figure - this is Hasbro’s BS 6" hover tank commander which I repainted using Vallejo Paints.

Cupola - this section was made up of foam board for the base then plastic card glued over that and then I scratch built everything except the modified DLT-19 which has had the butt removed and pieces from the Bandai Sandtrooper kits to complete it and I weathered and painted it using Vallejo paints and pastel chalks.



These are all very very good …very accomplished work :+1:

I’m loving these adapted figures in new settings.

I’m impressed the old MG42 lasted that long into the future! :slight_smile:

Do we think they’ll still expect the TC to expose his upper half to incoming fire just to operate an external weapon? But it does make a cool-looking display…

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Accuracy has regressed in the future. Strange for people to hit the vehicle let alone the TC.

Another good build Ron. :+1:

That’s true - Stormtrooper range practice ain’t what it should be! :slight_smile:

But the builds are excellent…

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These are amazing . Im loving your star wars builds

Actually, it happened “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”:wink:

Great build and painting of the figure, well done!

Hi All,

@Johnnych01 - thanks so much mate.

@Klaus-Adler - cheers mate really glad you like them.

@barkingdigger - Thanks heaps mate and seeing that a lot of SW weapons and equipment are based on WW2 items they would only have used it as a last resort.

@Tank_1812 - LOL and thanks mate.

@Chris_Bryan - thanks heaps mate.

@iwatajim - thanks so much mate.