Star Wars Legion Galactic Republic

After seeing the figures klaus-adler AKA David is doing I looked into the game a bit more, then discovered a shop/wargaming venue 12 miles away. So after a trip and watching a game of Star Wars Legion being played by pure luck, I picked up the core box and some expansions.

So armed with some basic tools and ‘working’ the night shifts over Christmas but told to only do the basic checks and action any alarms I settled down and built some Clone troopers.


I just picked up that boxed set but have yet to get them out of the plastic. My kid is a big Clone Wars fan so I’ll probably have to verify paint schemes and such.

Sorastro has some excellent painting guides on YouTube when it comes to painting Star Wars Legion figures and vehicles.

looking forward to seeing more of your progress soon Littorio.

Thanks guys

David what have you done!?
I’m off to watch a game of X-Wing being played at the shop Saturday evening and picked up the core box for Blood Red Skies.

@Littorio I guess it’s true, the force can influence the weak minded.

excuse me a second while i click the buy button on these B2 battle droids hee hee.

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Well the demo game of X-wing don’t happen as one of the players tested positive. This will now be taking place this coming Saturday instead for which I will have a couple of ships from the Scum and villainy range coming through the post - Z-95 Headhunter, M3-A Interceptor and IG-2000, rules have been downloaded so I can have a read but first glance they look pretty simple to understand.
Also found Sabine Wren’s captured TIE/fn but that’s a Rebel ship, thought I’d get it though as I enjoyed watching the Rebel’s series. The Ghost and Phoenix Cell (Prototype B-wing with 2x A-Wing) are available.

can you post some pictures of those ships, they sound interesting

all modelling and legion were killed off this weekend as we have a very sick rabbit to look after at the moment.

David hope the rabbit is ok.

Ok some photos as two arrived today even though I only ordered them Saturday, very good service.
These are slightly more expensive than most wargame miniatures but they come pre-painted and as with other FFG products come full of cards and tokens. Oh the pre-painting is actually pretty good.
The pack contents sheet lists all the cards and tokens included in the set.

And size compared to a normal PC mouse.

Oh and Dengars ship

I will be getting magnetic ball joints to connect the ships to the “peg posts”

Here’s a youtube video on how to play, if your used to Legion then a lot of it works along the same lines.

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@Littorio Hi mate thanks for posting those pictures, I had no idea how small those ships are and their paint job looks great.

alas the rabbit willow is back at the vet, she opened her stitches and now has a hernia to boot on top of the asperation the vet did by putting the feeding tube into her lungs and not her stomach.

here’s a picture of her before the operation, she’s cute but very feisty!

@Klaus-Adler Nice looking bunny, had bunnies back when I was a wee bairn but never since.

The fighters are small but then you have the medium size ships like the M. Falcon, Ghost or VT-49 Decimator but you can also use a CV-90 (Tantive IV), Imperial Raider or C-ROC cruiser, these are quite large, the CV-90 is about 34cm long also comes with a corresponding price tag. The Punishing One in the photo above is actually a medium ship but I forgot to put anything in the photo to help gauge size.

The game is in 2nd edition and some of the ships have not been reboxed in 2nd edition boxes but you can still pick up 1st edition ships and FFG released a ‘conversion set’ for each faction which replaces the 1st edition cards for the 1st Ed ships with 2nd Ed cards. So something I’ve been doing is looking for 1st Ed ships on ebay and ordered a conversion set.

Got this set coming

And of course there’s nothing stopping you doing a custom repaint.

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Dang, hope she gets better soon.

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For your ships you might want to glue a washer on the bottom of the flight stand. The ships get tippy and when close fighting they are prone to knock over.

I have a bunch of 1ed xwing. And armada. I didn’t upgrade to 2nd though.


@Striker, Thanks for the tip, I’m going to pick up a set of magnets to attach the ships to their ‘pegs/posts’ but that will make them even more top heavy so yep I’ll make sure to find some weights or washers to fit under the bases.
Do you know if the coloured 1st Ed bases are ok for 2nd Ed?

Not sure but I thought the only change for 2ed was cards and the turn dials.

@Tank_1812 Ryan we have a small zoo here, 5 rabbits and guinea pigs and my wife boards animals during thr holidays, our back bedroom had 5 guinea pigs 3 rabbits and a hamster on top of our own lol.

Willow’s problem is she won’t take her meds which caused her to open her wound. she will be at vets for at least 2-4 days.

@Littorio yeah I bought the oval freighter ship and repainted it, so I know these things are expensive but custom paint jobs can make them look really cool, so keep us posted.

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Sounds like it and I understand, we foster cats (40) and dogs (12). I think at one time we had 7 kittens and one small dog running around the house.

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Yep. There are some out on the YouTube. I just have too many bare minis to paint

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@Striker John I feel your pain, I have several kits waiting to be painted and it’s the reason I’ve not been building much lately.