Star Wars Legion Separatists

hi folks,

i bought another clone wars core set from ebay and i have repainted the B1 battle droids and droidekas.
sorry for the poor quality pictures

below are some separatist specialists, Count Dooku and operative Luke Skywalker


Those look really good. Did you find the droid’s blasters really frail and finicky to put on?

the blasters are usually molded to one hand so they are quite sturdy and well supported.

I’ve had the first 2 break just moving the arms in position. Maybe I gut brittle ones.

i glued one arm in position and waited a few minutes and then glued tbe second arm and lined them up together while the glue is still “wet”

Ok, I got it glued doing that but the blaster snapped at the one thin rod in the middle. Enough that I put it aside and left it. I do have a bunch of pre-paints though.

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Good job, they look really good. I like the bases as well.

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