Star Wars X-wing

Started a collection of Scum and Villainy for Star Wars X-wing.

I have been laid up over the last week after falling down stairs due to a damaged step, no broken bones just severely bruised down my side and back. Loads of strong pain killers issued by the hospital which has left me sleepy and a bit off my head. Anyway that left me plenty (to much) time to search for X-wing ships of which I found from plenty of different places including some 1st Edition for which I picked up the conversion kit. Lots of customisation potential here.

So here are the Scum ships;

The 2x TIE/Ln and X-wing from the core rules set;

And lastly Sabine Wren’s Customised TIE/Ln which I have no rules for as it’s a 1st edition Rebels ship but enjoyed the animated series so had to have it,


Hey Luciano,

sorry to hear about the accident, I hope they haven’t got you on tramadol it can mess your head.

you’ve got a great collection there and I look forward to seeing more progress soon and an expansion in their numbers.

Really nice collection of star fighters there. Very well done.


No they have me on the strongest Co-codamol 30/500 and Naproxen, makes me very sleepy, which isn’t bad as when I wake up I’m feeling a bit better each time :blush:

Considering the ships are pre-painted they are very well done. I do have another Firespray (Slave 1) coming which I’m going to repaint as one of the other options and a Hounds Tooth. Trying to find a couple of Mandalorian Fang fighters.
I need to rearrange the demo game that I was attending Saturday gone as obviously I couldn’t attend.

you need to watch those co-codamol, it will make you constipated if you’re on them for a while. my wife had issues with them two years ago, so keep an eye on things in that department.

Yeah I’ve taken Co-codanol before on several occasions so I know what to expect on that front.

Well played my first game today of X-wing, really enjoyed it and most importantly won, convincingly so.
I lost 2 shields on my HWK-200 and no other damage to it or my other two ships in return I destroyed all 3 of my opponents ships.

Playing again Saturday week and will try and remember to snap a photo.

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glad to hear you are getting out to play games, unfortunately for me real life had hit that on the head for me at the moment