Starting a large scale kit that has wooden to paint?

This kit, plastic, has wooden wheel hubs. Anyone done a paint or oil finish on plastic to simulate wood color and grain? Any info, advise or can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!!!

if you search for great-war aircraft makers you will find a lot of info on wood simulation, however first give a light brown acrylic base and then use darker oils to simulate the veins by pulling the paint with the brush, or there are stencils in PE that simulate the grain of wood o even decals

Vicious, Thanks for the tip…considered decals for a very short time as the rims a re good sized and the spokes are not a consistent diameter. Also figured its time to learn another trick! The Uschi wood decals are great for A/C interior back sheets and cockpit flooring. I’m going to head over to the wings and wires boys and see what I can find out…

This article may help:

Forgot!..if you want to give the Wood Varnish effect after you done with the grain you can cote with Tamiya or Mr.Color Clear Orange/Red or a mix of both

Gentlemen, appreciate the info from you both. I think the mix of the two should work. I have a few scrap fuselage’s to work this on and different diameter plastic tubes to see about the spokes. Plus I do have sienna and umber in my weathering box. The wheels are already a mid color tan so that may help, if I can spray some clear flat to give the paints a matte finish to grab onto. Thanks for the info !!! By the way these wheels are on an old Entex 1/16th 1914 Militaire motorcycle.