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Here is a question for all the Star Wars experts out there. Is there a comprehensive collection of all of the ships that are in the movies and shows.

In 2018 DK Publishing put out a canon reference guide " Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles". Since Disney took over the number of vehicles etc. expanded at a great rate.

Here’s a of site that seems fairly complete:

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One more additional question is there a set scale for the Star Wars kits (at least for the smaller equipment)

Over the years the Star Wars kits have been released in a bewildering array of scales. Most of the smaller vehicles are available in both 1/72 and 1/48 with a few in 1/32 and a couple of odd-balls that were produced more as toys for zooming around the bedroom making science-fictiony noises (which, of course, you are welcome to do with any of the kits).

If you’re thinking of putting together a collection then I’d suggest making a list of your wants and checking to see which scale has the most available kits. “Scalemates” is your friend here.

Price might also come into it for you. If something like the Millennium Falcon is a must have, the Bandaii Perfect Scale offering is sitting around $450.00 in 1/72 (it’s a gorgeous kit) and the 1/48 “Studio Scale” version from other vendors is far more. In 1/144 the prices are significantly better but the selection isn’t great. Also note that if you’re a bit of an obsessive, the after market upgrades - decals, photo etch, resin and 3D print bits - will be at least as much and usually more than the original kit.

Pretty well all the recent releases of Star Wars models from the mainstream manufacturers build into good looking models straight from the box. You might also look at some of the gaming pieces available. @Klaus-Adler has posted a few items from the Star Wars Legion game in the Wargaming area of KitMaker and they’re nice looking models.

I’ve probably raised more questions than provided answers but whichever way you decide to go I hope you enjoy it.



Use this if you are interested with Star Wars Legend/old cannon. The only cover the Disney new canon.


Thank you so much for the great info I’m going to have to ask the same question to the Gudam group as well.