Steam engine pulling log train

Not from the 1970´s but from 2024.

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That’s a great video there! I didn’t know anyone was still using steam engines- wow!
I also like (and what I saw myself while stationed Germany) is how clean the engines are kept and now nice the paint jobs are on the German equipment for the most part.
On the Long Island railroad, our engines are disgraceful looking. They work great and rarely if ever break down but there’s no pride whatsoever in our appearance.

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Equipment in the northeast should be kept spotless for the graffiti artists…

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Hi Richard,
these are actually museum engines, that were re-activated for commercial purposes. I wonder myself why they don´t diesel engines for the job. And you know that we Germans like our stuff tidy and clean. But there are a LOT of engines and wagons over here that are subject of “artists”.

Yes graffiti is everywhere in NYC and on many of our freight cars.

Yes they need a blank canvass of course lol