Steampunk time machine in 1/48!

HI !

Here a project done in the past , an sci-fi club add an special event in a model show on FLYING CARS , Inspire by ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’ movie , I decided to scratch something from my imagination ! so here the result … If you like to view more pics , I done an GOOGLE Page for this project :

Enjoy !



Allo, Jean-Marc, are you from Montreal? :thinking:
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Oui, messieur !!!.. plus exactement de LaPrairie sur la rive-sud !!

Great way to display it!


That’s absolute beautiful ! Such a sweet idea with some very nice details, that show’s your love to the work.

A perfect example for me and my mind , it is not something for my imagination or what i think about, but it presents something real new and unique .

VERY good .

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TTTTTTTTHANK YOU sir , you are way to kind for my ego !

I think I’ve seen some your scratch-built (wood and paper) DaVinci-type aircraft at a local show (Ottawa, or Montreal IPMS) several years ago. Really amazing work! :+1: :+1:
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That is awesome - so inventive - well done!

You got it right again …I participate to this event for many years starting in the early 80’
Thanks ,you are way t kind for my ego !

TTTTTThanks !

Hi jmarc. Were you also responsible for a 1/24 “hover car” dio in a garage? The car was cleverly “hovering” with the help of two mechanics under the car who were actually supporting it. :+1:
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Sadly It was’nt me who had done this project !

:disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob:
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