Steyr decals

Anybody have the decals for Tamiya 35305 (Steyr 1500A) ? Looking for the Sonderskommando Dora ones. Ones for Tamiya’s wolkenkuckucksland scheme , “90th Light Div. Kampfgruppe Von der Heydte” (Kit #35225) will work. (Hood marking is Sk Dora’s , but in black. Other kit’s are red. With Tamiya’s track record on this kit who knows which is right. Actual photos are in b&w, so ???)

Hi, do you mean the set with the scorpion? I have it. You may send me an email to jlreyes19 at gmail dot com with your address and I will be glad to send it

Jose Reyes

Got the decals today. Already used them on my WIP. Thanks gain.

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Interesting perhaps how both protagonists used the scorpion as their emblem ie the LRDG.

Nice looking model.

Getting there. At a stand still waiting for some paints. :frowning: As I understand it Sonderskommando Dora was more scientific than LRDG/SAS. Primary task was geological / climatic survey of south Libya, Chad area, map out possible routes for armor, water holes, types of terrain. Did do some recce on the Free French in Chad. (had a couple brushes with them. ) The Commonwealth blokes were way more militant, shooting/ blowing things up. Their recce was closer to being tactical. They did study weather and terrain types and the likes, but that was almost by accident. And Dora was only active for about 9 months (?)

FYI - I think your front mounted spare tire needs to mount on the bracket facing the other way.

(But perhaps you have some reference I am not aware of. Just trying to help here, not criticize.)

(Both photos from “Wings and Wheels Publications”. Used here for discussion purposes ONLY.)

A piece of rope has no right way

Well . . . . . . . actually it does.

Facing the tire that way puts more of its’ weight way out, at least 6+ inches in front of the bush guard it is tied to.

Also that is 6 inches of “rope” x2 that will now allow that tire to bounce up and down and eventually snap that rope (actually probably wire.)

Honestly I give that spare tire arrangement about 5 miles of rough road before it fails.

I am not trying to argue with you here stuff - and my statements on the subject will end right here - but you made the point and it’s the German Engineer in me that forces me to say “they wouldn’t have done it that way.”


p.s. If you have already glued the tire onto your model then I suggest simply adding a lot more serious rope. Multiple turns of rope left, right and bottom, looping around the rubber part of the tire. Besides, all that rope will add even more interesting visual detail to your already very nice vehicle!

Good points. The spare is glued on already. Reason I went with that orientation is Tamiya buggered me. Instructions show to build the kit with the spare mounted on the out side of the body for the version I’m doing.(early 42-ish) . They did not start building them that way till Aug(?) 42. Soooo … unless it was a prototype they were field testing in the butthole of Libya … Seeing I did not find out this trivial fact till AFTER I’d built up the body and spare, and painted them … I had to go all Dr. Moreau on it to back date it to having the spare on the inside. The inside of the spare/ mount was all buggered up, soooo … hang it as is, and use the space inside to squirrel away 2-3 more water containers. (rather important along the Libya/ Chad border.) So there was SOME method to my madness. I’ll have to get some more rope. :slight_smile:

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