Stikpusher’s 2021 Armor, Pass in Review

2021 was a good year for me modeling wise, including aircraft, I finished six projects. Surprisingly I built more aircraft than armor this last year.

First up, my AMPS 12 Hour Challenge build of the ESCI 1/35 Leopard 2A3

Testors/Italeri 1/35 M47

So an average of one completion every two months. Although I actually finished most at the beginning and end of the year, not in the middle. This next year I aim to increase my completions… and finish more AFVs Thanks for looking


Outstanding work there Stik! That M47 is incredible with the amount of scratch building you did with the engine compartment and all. I remember following your build, that Esci leopard looks great too. It looks pretty accurate too

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Nice work for the shelf there

NIce work on the 47, I remember watching that one. Was some great detailing that went into it.

@Johnnych01, @metalhead85, @Tojo72 -

Many thanks guys! Richard and John, yeah I felt like I did pour a lot into the M47, wanting to get it just right. And for the most part, I feel that I attained my goal there.
The Leo looks good enough considering the 12 hour time limit of the challenge.

Yeah I forgot to mention that about the 12hour time frame… That’s a very worthy achievement on its own and looks very good :+1:

Your both tanks are really good. You can be proud of your job.


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Pair of fantastic tanks there Carlos- that Leopard has a great finish on it and the M47 is a stunner- a beautiful way to finish a tank with such interesting decals. I really like the look of the texture on the turret too.

@Bison126, @Karl187, thank you for looking in and your kind feedback! Keep on looking in to see what 2022 has in store for my 1/35 motor pool.
I’m feeling the urge to build more armor this year!

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Like the rest, I really liked the M47 build. The Leo isn’t bad either. :+1:

@Tank_1812 Thanks Ryan! Night and day between the two projects, one a quickie, and the other a deep dive. As much as I enjoy both approaches, my happy place for builds lies somewhere in between.

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First rate on both.

Now I want to build a M47!

Thank you! And yes, go build a M47! Lots or markings options available, so you’re not stuck with basic OD. I’ll be doing a French Operation Musketeer in sand yellow somewhere down the line.

That would be awesome Stik. Always been interested in the Suez crisis both French and British stuff.

I only developed an interest in the campaign after reading a couple of novels that are set during or have a portion take place in that war. Historically speaking, one could consider it something of a rehearsal for the Sinai portion of the June 1967 war. The Israelis followed a similar plan there in both wars, but had more and better equipment in ‘67. And yes, the French & British actions and equipment ‘56 do make for some great modeling subjects. From WWII vintage stuff to the latest tanks and swept wing jet fighters of those nations.

Yes it’s interesting to watch the film of that campaign with all the ww2 vehicles they used; most painted in a sand color. Your M47 in particular would be a great subject to model. AK interactive makes a decal set for it for that battle.
I saw a build of a French M47 on line somewhere, the guy did a great job on it. I have a Suez diorama on the back burner for now. I have an Egyptian SU-100 finished , just gotta finish my Brit Para jeep w/ recoilless rifle. Got the figs picked out.
I also have a French radio Jeep conversion from Azimut I will do someday lol.

It maybe a small stable for 2021 but the work is Top Shelf Excellence!! I really enjoyed following along during the M47 build. It’s nice to see less popular manufactures get a respectful treatment as in the Leopard.


Thanks Eric. ESCI is all over the board with their 1/35 armor, from pretty darn good with their M60s to yikes with their T-72s. This one is somewhere in between. And as long as you can find one for a reasonable price, they can be fun projects to try and not worry about costs if it goes sideways.