Stone Arch Bridge Sets | RT-Diorama | Armorama™

RT-Diorama's new product series "Stone Arch Bridge", overhauls the old stone bridge in RT-Dioramas inventory.

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Truly beautiful stuff; I do, however, have questions about the rebar showing in the blown bridge section as I had no idea that bridges that representatively old would have anything like that. It is, if realistic, a really nice touch.

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True, my idea was that those old bridges had undergone some rework of the road paving over time to make the bridge from the middle ages a bit more secure maybe :wink:

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I’ll go with that; the rebar was a nice touch, just didn’t expect it on anything so obviously old. Still, very impressive structures.

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Forms of ‘concrete’ have been known to exist back as far as 6500 BC, but in limited use in slab floors, etc.

The Romans used Pozzolan and Slaked Lime to make a form of concrete they used in buildings, etc. This is the first widespread use of a concrete compound close to what we use today.

It fell into obscurity after the fall of the Roman Empire until the 1400’s but concrete as we basically know it know was invented in 1793.

Reinforced concrete was invented by a French gardener in 1849.

That would mean that these bridge sections would have to have been built or at least upgraded some time around 1800 or later, and after 1849 if you are going to stick rebar in them. Middle ages… not a chance.

That aside, these look fantastic.

Exactly, that is what I meant; probably old bridges where reinforced and upgraded over time :wink:

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Some bridges in germany where also build to “look old”. That is concrete core and then a shell from decorative stone. If one looks at the first picture - the bridge might well be one of those.