Stowage for Centurion MK III Korean War

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I am building a Centurion MK III (Beaufort). One typical characteristics of Centurion MK IIIs in Korea is the stowage on the side bins of the turret an on the engine deck. For this reason, I want to build it on my Centurion, too.

But are there any stowage-sets which can be used on a Centurion MK III on the market? It must not be designed for Centurion but useful (maybe a Cromwell stowage set the engine)

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I’ve never seen a Centurion specific stowage set outside of the IDF. Any late war British kit should work for what you need though. There are also a few sets of generic tarps, crates and bed rolls out there to be had. Value Gear and Black Dog spring to mind.

If you have a couple photos to hand of the vehicle you’re modelling it might help us point you in a more specific direction.


thank your for your answar. I want to build the " “BEAUFORT” which you can find here: Centurion Tanks in Korea – Mike's Research
and here:

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These are the tarps and rolls I was referring to. I have one of the sets and they’re quite nicely casted. Should work for your purposes.

Take a look at these and the other stuff Black Dog has. There’s selection a plenty and you’d probably be able to adapt just about anything in terms of tarps and rolls to fit your needs.