Straightening small resin parts

In my recent windfall of resin figures, a couple of the rifles are bent. Biggles posted something in ships about dipping in hot water, straightening, and then dipping in cold water to fix it. Is this purely a job done by hand, or should I be bracing it against something? I think it would be hard to do that as the rifle is attached to a hand … or vice-versa. Actually wondering if it would be easier to put a plastic rifle in a hornet hand.

Usually fairly thin parts like rifles will bend quite easily using the hot water method. I don’t dip them back into cold water- I just immerse them in a cup of boiled water and then coax it back into the right position by hand, holding it until it cools naturally and stays in the correct shape. Usually I do the manipulation of the part by hand.

Alternatively, as you mention, a plastic rifle can work well as a replacement for a resin one if the hands you are using will take it.

I find my wife’s blow dryer does a much better job than boiling water.

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Been doing that with AMT truck cab issue. A little slower but gives more control in my opinion, mileage may vary as they say.