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Hello there,
today I will start a “long time sitter” of my shelves: The well known Academy Stuart Honey:

The kit received much critics because of its inaccuracies (mainly because of its running gear). I have to admit I have not much deep knowledge about the Stuart but this small and somehow ugly vehicle always fascinated me. I wanted to depict a vehicle which will be as much as possible accurate. Thats why I started to collect some upgrade sets which I thought will be helpful. Lets see what we also have here aside from the bare kit:

The disgraced kit´s running gear will be substituted by AFV-Club´s correct new vertical volute spring suspension

The kit´s tracks will be replaced by Bronco´s single link tracks (hope these will fit with AFV-Club´s Idler wheels… :thinking:)

I also own an incredibly well casted resin interior kit from the sadly now defunct company Tiger Model Design. Therefore I will depict presumably an abandoned vehicle with all hatches open for a better view inside

Also there are one Eduard etched set, a Modelpoint turned barrel, Bison Decals decal set and an Armorscale british smoke grenade launcher upgrade set

We will see if it will be necessary to replace also the Browning MGs with these resin ones at photoetched carriages or not

I would be happy to allure some “Honey” experts who are able to contribute some constructive help and critics :innocent:

Cheers :beers: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Hi Thomas. Looks like a nice project.

I used the Bronco tracks on my AFV Club M5A1 Stuart:

A tad loose but not overly so. How tight they are on the Academy Stuart will depend on how the suspension spacings are located on the Academy hull. You may want to leave the rear idler assembly off until you can see where it needs to be to tighten the track.


Hey Thomas!

Quick question, where do you purchase your aftermarket upgrades?

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Thank you Peter for the input. Letting off the rear idler until I finished the bronco tracks is a good idea :blush: :beers: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Hello Mitchell, I have no “fixed” store. The Tiger Model set I remember bought directly from them, Regularly I buy from the german DER SOCKELSHOP store, from MODELLBAU KÖNIG and sometimes from HOBBYEASY in Hong Kong :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :beers:


I’ll be following this one as I am on a quest of building and repairing 5 Stuarts myself!
That interior that comes with the kit is indeed useless for this version.
The kit does have single link tracks which are not too bad, but the suspension addition will make a difference too. They “ride” too high OOTB.
@petbat Wish someone told me that before I had built mine…



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Hey Thomas,
This certainly looks like the start of an epic build! You’ve got quite the collection of “bling” for the kit and it all looks great. Will be outstanding when it all comes together. Good luck and have fun! Will be following and giving advice when I can.


The build is going straightforward, I was able to finish already the alternative suspension and wheels. It is necessary to shave off some knobs off the kit´s lower hull where the suspensions have to be added but so far no problems

The rear idler wheels will be kept off as Peter´s advice after I will have finished the Bronco single link tracks to fit the sag

Here I show you the height difference the kit suspension have against AFV-Club´s one. This will be surely visible later :+1:

This is it, I am out for today beating off the desert dust off my clothes :grin: :beer: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


What a difference that makes!!
I wonder what they based the shape of the Academy/Italeri/Airfix/Tamiya kits on?

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Remember, this track type is “live track” and has NO sag.

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Tamiya copied a tank preserved in a museum, but it was without its engine, so it was lighter and its suspensions were less compressed than usual.


Same way when Tamiya modeled the M48A3. I think the designers went to a museum and used a display tank for reference. Sadly, that tank had no powerpack, so the tank sat much higher than it should.

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Hey there Thomas,
Tiger Model Designs is back in operation. The web shop can be found at
I placed a small order with Joe last week and it is already on its way to Oz.

Best wishes for the build. You’ve picked an awesome topic.



And the rest just copied that, then, since they are identical.

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Actually they did not all ‘copy’ that, only Academy. The Italeri and Airfix kits are the same Academy one just reboxed:


Well darn! I have this kit in my build stash and now, I’ll have to buy the AFV Club suspension to make this kit accurate.

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You can use the Academy one if you are prepared to cut off the parts and reposition them, but the AFV Club set is a lot better detailed and well worth the cost and time saving.


That’s what i will do. With my luck, if i cut it all up, it will all end up crooked.


Hehe thats exactly why I bought this AFV-Club set :grin:

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