Study for a new diorama - 1/35

Good Morning, fellow modellers!

As we still must stay home on lockdown more and more dios are coming. This is a study or rehearsal to position figures and vehicle to make another diorama. I think this is a good way to test and think about how the buildings must be set to exploit the best photograph angles. The background is already well known. A Stug Ausf G and figures from Evolution and Alpine were used. The civilian I’m not sure but maybe VLS!? Well, despite our effort we realize that this was not achieved here. At least there was another good trial.

More pictures could be found on my blog:

Thanks a lot!


That is amazing . those figures are well placed

Looks pretty natural to me. Really like the Stug gunner.


Thank you, Chris and creading! :+1:

For that size of a diorama I think it looks good.

Hi, Erik!
I use this base with street and buildings only for “training”. The dio I have in mind will be in a smaller base than this one. Thank you for the comment! :+1:

There’s so much to like about this, very nicely laid out & natural looking too. I’d only plead for more dirt & dust & detritus on the road & generally, and this scene might lend itself really well to some black & white shots if you can manage it :+1: :tumbler_glass:

Hi, Dioramartin!
I must do something about that clean looking of this diorama base. I made some attempts in B&W but was not happy with. I have tryed a photo editing program and something happened with the “sepia” funciton. :blush:

Thanks for the tip and comments.

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Looks great so far. I really like what you’re doing here. The buildings,vehicle and figures are all very nicely done.

Very well thought out. I really like the believable character interactions.:beer:


Apologies, just playing around with contrast etc. I think most of us have found how a perfect diorama can be trashed by the all-seeing camera, and sometimes a monochrome shot can either confirm or deny elements that appeared fine in colour. I have to say in this diorama you nailed it :tumbler_glass:


Beautiful !!
Love the street facade , perfect background for just about any scenario !!

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Looks great. The figures seem well positioned. I look to see how they’re interacting. You have one group focused on the civilian, while another group is looking toward the enemy. Works great!

The only issue I have is with that “Hotel” sign. It stands out and distracts from the main subject. A more faded, less bright sign would be better, I think. And, although it’s a universal word. A Local language word would be better. (Just my thoughts)

Hi, JRutman!
Thank you for the visit and feed back.

Hi, Dioramartin!
Don’t worry I’m always playing around with figures, vehicles and using the same background. I better stop this before i get in troubles. It was not clear what I intend to do and my poor English doesn’t help at all. Sometimes I try to see how a scene looks trought B&W vison to check bad spots. That Hotel sign and those very shining helmets went very wrong to my eyes.
Thanks a lot for your patience and attention.

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Thanks a lot for coming! :+1:

Hi, Bravo36!
Thanks a lot for your remarks and I think I must stop using the same background to test the scenes every time I want to make another dio. You’re right about the hotel sign. I must do something about. In the B&W pictures that issue became more apparent. The very shining helmets too.

Taking B&W shots of our dios is a lot of fun. I love trying to see how close they come to actual period photos. And as you point out, it can help ID weak points, too.

I agree. And the font used for it remind me of a Western movie saloon sign… :wink:


Hi, Bravo36 and Frenchy!
Hope this new sign looks a little better than the older one… :sunglasses:

Best Regards!