Stug III ausf.b exhaust?

Hi all, I have made a start on Tamiyas Stug III ausf.b kit.

Currently i’m looking at these moulded on “arrows” on the exhaust, and thinking to myself what gives?!?!? surely the real thing doesn’t have arrows on it?

I’m very tempted to remove them, I have a few images of actual stug’s which I can’t see arrows on. Has anyone got any knowledge that these arrows really existed?

Many thanks in advance team!

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According to the period photos in my copy of ‘Sturmgeschütz III: Variants, Modifications, Technical Drawings Vol. 2’ by Peter Müller, yes.

They aren’t as prominent as on the kit part, so you could file them down a bit so they look more like a thin plate as opposed to a thick bar.

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Yes the arrows are actually embossed on the muffler because you can reverse and mount these mufflers backwards which causes all kinds of problems including making the engine backfire and catch fire.

Must take a real genius to mount one of these mufflers backwards! :woozy_face:

Actually if you flip it over and put it on the other side it fits fine.

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You and brekinapez are just f ing amazing. I am blown away that such an esoteric question can get such accurate and useful answers. My local model club folded with the pandemic last year, but I have found such a wealth of info and experience here, that it makes up for the loss of local friends except for the puns. Thank you guys for signing on and helping.

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Wow that is some cool knowledge there.

Thanks everyone! Problem solved, the arrows will stay. I did find an image of a stug. III ausf g, as below which does indeed show some arrows. Maybe the tamiya ones are a little big relatively?

Image is a bit blurry, but it’s there.


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