Stug III with Tropical Air Filters

Does anyone have any information on the tropical air filters fitted to some Stugs? It seems it replaces the 10T jack on the right side. I heard someone refer to them as “filzgbal filters”, but I can find nothing about it except for some few examples.

Production kit depicting the filters.

Filters on a Stug III G with Winterketten and a random piece of lumbar blocking the view (of course lol).

How is that filter supposed to work? It doesn’t seem to be really connected to anything. Anyway, the pictured StuG isn’t even the same type sent to North Africa…they were much earlier types with short 75 mm. (I am assuming a tropical air filter was fitted to vehicles sent to North Africa).
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Yeah, I really have no idea. Just looks like a canister on the fenders… Here is a similar version on an Ausf D (restored) which are raised higher.


There appears to have been at least two types of Filzbalg air filters, a one canister type and a two canister type and different types of mounts. Some photos of the Stugs of Sonderverband 288 show a wooden box built over the top of the filter. The restored Stug seen at Beltring isn’t exactly correct, as the canister is incorrect. Osprey’s Modeling the Sturmgeschütz III covers the construction of one of these vehicles and shows the filters in close up. I have some photos of the actual vehicles, but I need to locate the right books.

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Photos would be amazing, if you are willing to share. I am curious how to model these in scale.

Unfortunately Osprey doesn’t include scale drawings of the filters, which would be nice since they scratched them for the model. I’m not sure, but Osprey may offer downloads of this build on their site, worth checking out. I’m kinda busy at the moment, but I’ll try to find some photos of Sonderverband 288’s Stugs.

I just finished watching a You Tube video on Sonderverband 288, it appears that all of the Bundesarchiv stills they show of the captured Stugs are without the filters in place, other than a partial shot of the box in one. I also thought that Osprey sold individual pdf’s of build logs, but it seems they only offer the entire book;
Modelling the Sturmgeschütz III - Osprey Publishing

The stills shown in the video are most likely the same ones that I have in my books. There is a nice side view of a Sonderverband 288 vehicle on page 51 of Spielberger’s Sturmgeschütz & It’s Variants but it too lacks the filters. It may be that the Osprey book is the best, cheap reference on these vehicles.
This photo shows the wooden box covering the filter.

This shows the other type and different mounts, although not a Sonderverband 288 vehicle;

So there are at least three types of filters, but I don’t know if the twin canister type was ever fitted to Stugs and I am pretty sure that all the Sonderverband vehicles had the same, one canister type.

A bit more info here;

The Dragon kit 6905 Stug III Ausf.D w/tropical air filter may be what you are looking for. Oops, that’s the picture from the box art.

Yeah, it is. I need to build them in 1/16 scale potentially. More research is needed.

On a side note these filters are also included in Bronco StuG III Ausf. D kit. Don’t know if they’re accurate or not…:


Looks like they were used randomly until late in the war, Kubinka´s StuH had once them:

This is a great photo. Many thanks!

In case anyone is interested, I have been working on a set of these filters for a 1/16 build. Criticism welcome, as I don’t have anything but photos to go off of.


Any news about the 1:16 filters ? I would definitely buy a set.

Do you have a 3D printer? I can sell you the file as shown in the renders.


I can printed using an online service so still interested on the render. You can PM at vascomachadovaz gmail.

Thank you