Stug IV (Tamiya 1/35)

Hey folks, would like to share my work on this old Tamiya Stug IV (1/35).

Some notes:

  • A few bits of PE added from CMK

  • The sprockets and idler were donated from an Academy Panzer IV (great source of extra parts)

  • A few tools replaced with spares from Dragon

  • Zimmerit applied with Tamiya rakes

  • Schurzen cut into separate pieces

  • 3d tracks printed by a local modeler

Thanks for looking!


Amazing work! My eye was instantly drawn to the masterful way you made the side armor camo look field-applied. Looks like you painted it with a 1/35 scale paint gun under a 1/35 scale tree!

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Very nice. Great work with the airbrush on the camo.

Thanks Spitfire, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: I like doing this mottling kind camo - easier for me than doing all the masking with the german hard camo versions!

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Thank you for the kind words, Rick :slight_smile:

àn old good boy!
I suggest you to put bit of blàck on exhust ànd on gun end