StuG lll question

There is this pic of a Stug lll B in April, 1941, in the Balkans, or Greece. It is painted in a lighter color over Pz Gray ( I believe the darker color to be Pz Gray):

The second color is not brown; in B/W pics brown is tonally very similar to Pz Gray and virtually disappears. And, anyway, brown was no longer used as a secondary color after the French Campaign. I thought it could be a layer of dust, but it seems to be too strategically applied for dust accumulation. Any ideas what this VERY visibly lighter color might be? Tropical sand color as used in North Africa?
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I don’t know the answer but it’s a great pic!
I’m going to look for more stuff pics taken in Greece or this could even be Bulgaria? The Germans staged thru there before the balkans campaign.

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I agree. The two tone colors, upper structure near the cross (side) and gun (front), seems too deliberate to be dust.

Could it be hand applied mud that has dried ? Very interesting photo

This is my guess as well; there are quite a few pictures in my reference books of vehicles early in the North Africa campaign that had mud brushed over their dunkelgrau paint, both applied in random patterns and worn off in various ways (one I particularly remember had a distinct ‘clean’ hand print).

I think it’s mud.


Looks like dust to me.

I’d also give a semi educated guess for mud applied by the crew.

I did some googling and think this is a stug from 191st stug BN in Greece 1941.