Stummel crew

What kind of uniform did the crew wear? Typical Heer or panzer uniforms? Were they considered artillery, armor or infantry?

I would say field-gray panzer uniforms with red(artillery) piping, etc. for their official uniform, but there are many photos of crews of both wheeled, and tracked artillery vehicles wearing a mixture of panzer, and infantry jackets.

They are considered infantry. In a gepanzerte battalion the Stummels were in the Heavy Company and were treated the same as Infanterie Geschutze. So the uniforms in most units would be infantry, i.e. standard Heer or Waffen SS. One definite exception would be Panzer Lehr (130 Pz Div), where all the panzergrenadiere wore the Field Grey version of the Panzer clothing as per Panzerartillerie.

Thanks for the info. That’s kind of what I thought.

Sorry, no red piping. As panzergrenadiere they would wear apple green or white for Waffen SS.