Hello colleagues.
Author’s work, “Sturmpioner” figure, scale 1/35. Materials, polymer clay “Fimo”, “Millipyt”, “Tamiya” light-curing putty, copper, brass.



That’s an impressive figure, very well posed with excellent details.

Beautiful pose and detail on that figure.,

Such fine attention to detail and fluid sculpting- an absolute joy to look at!

Another amazing sculpt Igmar, in particular, that face is just a work of art. :clap:

Very fine sculpt :beer:

Just to be clear … this is totally scratch built ?? if so, I need to sit down and have a drink … WOW … the face alone is a piece of art :+1: :+1:

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Any possibility of 3D scanning that jewel and selling a 3D printed copy?

The work is phenomenal. I can’t paint figures but I’d buy a 1/35 copy of this one.

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Thank you very much, for your comments.
Yes, this sculpture was built from scratch, let’s consider that we drank together.
The project was intended to be commercial, but unfortunately that idea has been postponed indefinitely.


Not sure which words to use here, but this is magnificent craftsmanship. I can’t imagine that anyone could ever produce something of better quality, well done sir, very well done!

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Thank you very much.