SU-27 color scheme


I have the below kit but I don’t want to make it in “russian knights” livery; I would prefer a more exotic and rare color scheme but I can’t make my mind up. (Must be age :slight_smile: )

Does anyone have a suggestion?



Also there is Begemot decals that has a lot of different markings for Su-27. A quick search brought up this 1/48 Begemot Decals #48-005 - Sukhoi Su-27 with painting masks.


@Armor_Buff : yes, those Ukraanian looks really noce, maybe in combination with a storm shadow :slight_smile:

@Stryker45 : good options, aacchhh, choices, too many choices :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the replies. I guess I’ll go for the Ukranina one, seems like the most “current” option

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Are you trying to go for accuracy? Or do your looking for something that looks cool

To make it easy: both but on the accuracy front, I admit I have still to do my research.

I have this book
at home, and there are so many versions, and deviating specs for all the export versions of the SU-27 that it is a bit of a puzzle

I’m interested what your gonna do… you could always build it accurately so you have some kinda direction but give it like a splinter camo and use any spare decals from previous kits… i might start doing this cause im tired of painting everything either tan or NATO scheme!

Be careful with any possible decal and mask purchases. The Academy kit has different dimensions than the newer HobbyBoss, Great Wall and other kits.

The Academy kit is best suited for an early Su-27.

You can also do an Ukrainian splinter camo

International operators have some nice color variations, you can search which countries operate the aircraft and find photos


Arctic camo is always impressive