SU-57 color

I find photo’s like this where the SU-57 has bleu-ish colors:

and the same scheme with very grey colors:

I wonder what the correct colors are, and whether this is a photographic effect or whether both grey and bleu schemes exist.

I’d say that the lighting conditions have something to do with the change in colors. It looks blue toned against the clear sky background and more gray against the overcast background. Just like AMC Gray and Haze Gray both can take on similar tones in various lighting conditions: darker, lighter, blue, or gray. I can’t say what those Russian colors for certain are, but grays with a touch of blue are good starting point.

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I’d vote for some shades of grey (but not 50…). Just ignore the guy in business suit…

From a distance, the colors seem to change …



Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:
It remains a beautiful plane, although the rows of rivets in the photo’s show that it is not very stealthy.

But that guy does disgust me