Su-7 BM- BKL- BMK 1:48th scale

Hi everyone,

I’m currently building Su-7 , 1:48th

I’m doing them at the same time, anyone had any issues with them ?


Four at once?!

Oh I gotta follow along!

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I have two of the same kits: an Eduard offering (The KP kit with photo etch, etc.) and the other KP. I haven’t built either kit, though I have read a few online build logs. From what I can gather, the fit of the tail planes and wings isn’t that great, and the cockpit is spartan. The differences between versions in the instructions are kind of blurry and don’t necessarily reflect the aircraft concerned (but adequate reference material would remedy that I hope?). The plastic is thick, and nose weight is required, though not specified. But they’re often described as a fun build and from what I’ve seen of the kits I look forward to building them myself (someday, lol). Gauranteee I’ll be following along with the builds!

Good luck!!

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Yup… Four at once.

Worked a little today on them.

Here’s how they are :

Su-7 BM - Warsaw Pact version - ( still not sure, but I might go for the Polish Version )


Su-7 BM Czech version,

Su-7 BKL ,


Su-7 BMK

I still have the Two Seater version , but I still need some extras and also I might build it along a Su-9U Two seater… I don’t know.
Doing 4 at once is ok, doing 5 is too much :joy: :joy:


I have a 350 page Book on Su-7… plenty of references, but funny enough not much with the cockpit & seat, that I found online, maybe not the same versions, some with upgrades, but well it could be worst.
I noticed that about the instructions, there’s not much difference between all the versions.
For some kits I got upgrades, seat, PE, masks, wheels, pitot tubes and guns,stencils,etc…
The plastic is quite thick, but there is some very nice detail on the surfaces.
On some models the weight is specified ( 10 gr ) not on all kits.

Thanks for the tips / help Chris !

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Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago. I have a friend who built the Eduard version (Su-22). He had some issues with the main landing gear doors and the final height of the aircraft. He says the main gear is too short as compared to pictures, especially noticeable with ordinance. Hope this is helpful.

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Thanks for the tip / help !!
I don’t know if the Eduard Su-22 is based on the same kit as these but I’ll keep an eye on it when I get to the landing gear.

We had a football player from Trinidad playing here many years ago… Russell Latapy and Leonson Lewis .
I don’t know what they do nowadays but I remember their creativity and flair

Wow will definitely be watching this! I have the KittyHawk Su-22 in my stash to build one day its such a cool family of airplanes IMO much like the Su-27-35 family.

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Update, worked on all of them this weekend and today,





Still working on the cockpits & seats.
A lot of work needed before having all 4 birds with wings.


The KP Su-7 BM, fuselage is closed up, wings are on.

SMER Su-7 BKL, cleaning up the wings.
This one is taking more time, the PE cockpit slowed me down


Sorry for not updating for sometime ,

KP Su-7 BM, closed up the fuselage today :

It will require putty on a few spots.


KP Su-7 BM Warsaw Pact version,

After getting the wings… I noticed it was going to be a Putty Festival


I added the 30 mm cannons.

So as you can see there’s still a lot of work ahead with these four birds.

I’m planning a Polish,Czech, Afghan and Soviet versions.


Hi everyone !!

Still working on the BM versions, Putty Festival at Sukhoi House,
I might need some touch up in a few more places, but most of it is done.
After this I still need to add up maybe 10 to 12 small details to the fuselage, some PE too.

The BKL and BMK versions are on hold, waiting for some extras for the cockpits.


Ah the fun of gap filling… man the fit of the air brakes looks bad! Might it be better to position those open?

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I know… I’m still considering since these are already glued, but the detail inside is very, very poor.

The KP kits came back to the bench, after a few weeks,
-Warsaw Pact version, masking the canopy and working on the AM wheels.
-Czech version, I’ll have the kit’s wheels.



They need a little touch of paint then some pin wash, and drybrush


Not much done today, Primer on the Resin Front Wheel

Paint will be next


Well today I worked on these “little” birds ,

KP Su-7 BM ( Czech version ), front wheel and started painting some tires,


Then I got this set last Monday,

So I knew that the BKL and BMK needed to get back to the bench…

I started with the BKL, and I noticed that I this one had the Eduard set, it took me more than 1 hr to get those seat belts, bending and glueing, I tried it 3 times to notice that the Eduard instructions have this notion of a Seat … and the SMER kit’s Seat have other ideas… so anyway, it drove me crazy, it’s far, far,from good / decent… with 4 Su-7’s and a double seater in stash, all I can do is improve from this point on …

I also painted the interior of the fuselage on the BKL and BMK,


Today I worked on both KP kits.

Warsaw Pact version first, don’t mind the color, it will have a Primer coat over it…





And now the Czech version,

Gaps, alignment, sanding… well these kits require a lot of work.
I’ll get there eventually… :grin: