Submission Question

So, if a person were going to submit a photo feature to Armorama…
Is it done in the same way as in the past (submitted to a moderator via email)?
If submitted before the transition will it be archived after the ‘new’ Armorama goes live?
Or, with the new photo posting simplicity, is it better to just post the photos and description in a new post?
Asking for a friend :smirk:


  1. Yes it can still be submitted as normal, but we are really close to moving so…
  2. Yes it would be archived.
  3. They can certainly do that but of course just as with the old sites some people don’t view the forums and just view the content pages, so it sort of depends on how much reach you want.


What about a photo feature here on the new forums?

So it’s probably better to wait until the new Armorama site is up and running before submitting anything?


I think so yeah. With a feature published on the new site you’ll still have an associated forum post that you can use to post any additional info or photos that might not have been included in the feature. Of course if people want to just post photos up in the forums themselves they should feel fine doing that too.