Suggested glue for HobbyLink kits

Morning all, I have a couple of HobbyLink kits and was wondering what glues would be best to use with the material they are made of. I have never tried any of these computer made kits, so any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Wayne

Super Glue (CA - CyanoAcrylate) works fine on them.

For these 3D printed resin kits, I use black “tire” CA. It is a medium CA mixed with powdered rubber. This gives it better sheer strength than other CA’s. It is also a bit sticky and has a longer set time than medium CA. This allows you to position and adjust the parts prior to it grabbing. I use Bob Smith Industries IC-2000 in the smallest bottle I can find. I’m not sure that one brand is any better than the others; but, the BSI stuff is widely available in the US. Enjoy! Rick


Thanks guys. Rick, any idea who carries this? I live in Illinois. Never mind, found it on E Bay. Thanks, Wayne