Summary of Posts Question

to someone on staff. I used to get a summary of posts from several forums several times a week. I don’t know what I did,but I no longer receive that. I get dozens of individula posts each day which is ok, but they don’t have the same forums and threads that the summary for KitMaker did. How can I get back on the summary list. I’m not finding it in the headings.

I think, I could be wrong (it has happened a few times before :rofl: ),
that the summary or digest is sent out to those who haven’t visited for a while.
It could be that Jim has changed some settings lately.
I don’t remember ever getting one, maybe during the first months before we had
transitioned completely and the activity level was low.

I do get single e-mails occasionally when I’m away from the computer and someone posts
a reply to my posts/topics.

I’m getting the individual posts all day long. You may see fro my badges that I have posted occasionally, but was getting the wonderful summary posts that included multiple forums on an almost daily basis for the past 3 years. Should I contact Jim directly???

I wouldn’t mind knowing how to stop getting emails telling me what’s happened when I haven’t logged on for a while. It’s just irritating – if I haven’t looked at the site for a day or two or longer, it’s because I can’t or don’t want to so I don’t need reminding.

Click your own avatar up in the corner

Click on the “person” icon

Click Preferences

Click Emails

Select among the options in the drop down menus and the check boxes.
Save and enjoy :smiley:


Thanks Robin :+1:

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