Summer time tank 2023: Achilles in Danish dress

hi everyone, this year under the umbrella I decided to assembly an Achilles from Academy hobby models.
I got the set from a present from my friend Beppe.
He said to me:" take care the model have some parts missing or damaged!" I said to him:" No problem mate!, I have a lot of spares".
After the first recon I noticed that: road wheels is missing!
one VVSS is badly damaged!
Some fuel cap is missing,and there ain’t any external tools.
The model has got some others defects:
-Frontal shield without visor slot
-The ammo’s storage in the hull is wrong made
-no visor protector.
-idler wheels are wiithout internal pattern

I am starting to complete the lower hull


The tool location in the kit is wrong for an Achilles and as you look closer you will see a few other issues too, like the missing fire extinguishers and medical box on the rear hull, missing or incorrect equipment in the turret, etc. It is still an enjoyable build.


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Thank you for the information, I followed Achilles’ book of “model centrum progress” and your analysis is correct, I will riproduce base plate of the fire extinguisher and first aid box.

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Here’s a Danish Achilles from Panservåbnet I Danmark book by Ole Drostrup.

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How about those Canadian Dry Pin Tracks? :point_up_2:

About CDP…
1st option is to use standard chevron rubber type
2nd option I try to modify pz4 track but the job is long and track is clearly fragile
3th option try to cut Panther track (Dragon tooth’s gap is quite good)
4th option try to made by 3d printer (out of my capability)

If you need CDP tracks then:

Fruil make a set with sprockets if you can find them.

Panda Plastics make a set with resin sprockets:

If you can make the sprockets then, Panzerwerk Designs has tracks

Or you can rob the Dragon Sexton kit if you swap those for something else (care they are DS tracks):


If you can find a copy, this has some great pics of a preserved Danish Achilles without CDP tracks:

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I use this book as reference

Friulmodel has suspended the shipment
the sexton is not avaiable…
Panda shipped in Italy is very expensive…

rear tool fixed

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interior layout barerly complete


Nicely done. Here’s the interior of my M10 Wolverine (American version) from Academy.