Supercars in the mail! US Airfix OOBs

There’s a certain kind of good feeling that comes from knowing that people enjoy what you do. For me, I get that when people comment on my builds or articles and appreciate the work I put into them. However, once in a while, some people go the extra mile. They recognize the weird and wonderful that make me and the Sprue Lagoon tick, and out of the kindness of their hearts send me kits that they think will make for good review material and additions to my eclectic stash.

One such event happened very recently, when I received some emails from a fan in Texas who clearly understood my brand of oddness. To fuel the styrene insanity, this fellow sent me a box of some of the weirdest car kits I’ve seen, of subjects I’d largely not even heard of. Were they up my alley? Heck yeah!

Check out this in-the-mail infusion of mostly Italian style and engineering, and some of the strangest, most “borrowed” kits I’ve run across yet. Even if supercars aren’t your thing, you’ll love this, trust me!

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