SUPERNATURAL 1967 Chevy Impala Sport Sedan from AMT | AutoModeler

Round 2, LLC Kit # AMT1124/12 1/25 scale Release date: 09/02/2020

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Looks like a nice detailed kit. The body panels do look wide, but will be a help, if you decide to open the trunk(Boot) Would have been nice though, if the kit actually had an open trunk, with all/some of their weapons/equipment.
Nice engine details.
Love the paddle door handles, something often non present or badly detailed.
Window cranks are well defined, will definitely help the painting or foiling process.
No horribly looking ejector pin marks on the inside of the hood.
Separate frame is great.
Lots of texture on the mufflers.

A must have for sure. Having a good look, at the sprues, have made me want one, even more :grinning:

Thanks for sharing

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You’re very welcome. I forgot to mention that my images are larger than the default layout size.
If you’re viewing from a desktop, you can right-click to view full size image.
If viewing on a phone, I think you can expand them?

Thanks for the comment.

Great review KSO, I will definitely be chasing this one down!

Cheers, D

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