Superscale Decals Internat'l Suppliers

Looking for Superscale decal set and they are out-of-stock in USA and Canada stores. Do you know of any international suppliers (UK, Japan, China, etc.) that carry Superscale decals? I checked Scalemates and 1 member in UK had the decals I am looking for and I messaged him but haven’t heard back.

One of the modelers shop in Poland has them.

Probably easier to post which decal sheet you’re looking for either the number and/or aircraft type for people to check their stash.

I’m looking for AV-8B Harrier Plus VMA-214 & VMA-211 1/48 SuperScale International MS481248 decals. And all USA and Canada stores are out-of-stock (and discontinued I guess). Found nothing on Ebay or Squadron Products. I found a member at Scalemates who has these decals and messaged him but haven’t heard back. Did Superscale go out business years ago? Maybe I’ll check Ebay.UK.

I don’t have that sheet. Another option for VMA-214 is TwoBobs or Caracal.

Don’t know of another option for 211.

Did you try Ultracast in Canada ? They have a large inventory of out of print / discontinued decals . Pricey but they may have it .