Suyata 1/48th Panther A w/ Interior

I saw this tasty little item over @ Panther A + 16T Strabokran w/Maintenance Diorama + Display Base (Plastic model) - HobbySearch Military Model Store. Go there for the announcement.

Kit says it includes, Panther A w/ zimmerit decal + interior, 16-ton Strabo crane, mechanic(s), and base.

Preliminary price: 6,120 Yen/ $58.49.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for posting this…WOW! a very welcome kit!

Suyata is a Chinese Co.


Has anyone actually seen one yet?

Did you see the link I posted? It was on there.

It is a pre-order for release in December.

Yes but sometimes companies make kits available to reviewers or it might have been seen at a toy show

Acquired this kit and it’s looks really nice…not crazy about 1:48 scale so not sure I’m going to build it after all, not usually wishy washy like this, lol…we’ll see.