Suyata Madness of the street

This is my new project. A kit of Suyata. Madness of the street. scale 1:32

A armored sportscar included with a female racer. Actually we have 2 female racers. 1 with helmet and the other without helmet. The name of the racer is Selena and the name of the car is Luna. I really like the whole design and concept.

The kit is verry wel molded with nice details. I can’t find any annoying flash. There are a few parts that has a seemline but this can be removed. A clear and pleasant guide to follow is also included😊

I have no experience with weathering. But I will try it on this kit. This is also my first time making a car.:see_no_evil:

I’ll post pictures in the comments as we progress.
Have fun and a great day.


1 of the four tires.

The goal was going for a “dusty” (lightly dust from the brake pads) alloy wheel. In the middle must come a spike :blush:


tenor (8)

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This looks like a neat little kit Tom, I haven’t seen this manufacturer before so I’m interested to see how you go.
Thanks for sharing your build here.

Cheers, D

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Thnx man :blush:

Suyata has nice kits. It is something different but great to see.

I will post the progress here in te comments.


Today we painted the brake discs with the calipers. We drilled the holes and gave the discs a look as if they had been standing still for a while. (light rust).

We won’t be able to see everything beceause the tire is in front of the disc. But we know that the details are there. :blush::see_no_evil:


We have finished the dashboard.
It has nice details. The car is for a woman so a pink steering wheel is suitable.

I may have exaggerated a bit with the dirt on the dashboard. But i like it so far.It doesnt have to make sense. :sweat_smile::blush:

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything.
Hope everyone is safe with this coronavirus.

The cockpit of the car is ready.

The belts are completely scratch build, the first time I try this.


The seats are installed in the car.

We have filled the gaps. Let it harden, sand it down and add another layer.